We offer the comprehensive range of plastic woven sacks with liner (PP woven packing sacks with liner) and resin PP packing sacks with liner (or plastic woven sacks), which are manufactured in our state of the art manufacturing unit.

Detail description:

We are one of the quality driven companies in industry for offering the top quality plastic woven sacks in China. These sacks are widely used in grain packaging and many other packaging industries. Our customization services are also available with this qualitative range to meet the clients’ specific requirements and demands. All the products are strictly checked by the quality inspectors, who have gained years of experience in their respective fields.
This category of resin PP packing sacks/sacks are especially used for the packaging of fine granules, pulverous, force flowing materials, for example, industrial chemicals, salt, animal feed, sugar, flour, fertilizer and etc. Furthermore, these PP woven packing sacks come with an additional liner, protecting the materials or contents from external elements and ensuring complete safety against any sort of material leakage and pilferage.

Features of Plastic Woven Sack:
  • Faultless
  • Sternly Checked
  • Longevity

Plastic woven sacks and PP packing sacks with liners are specially designed for the packaging of pulverous and force flowing materials, which include the following:
1. Foods: Rice, Flour, Corn, Grain, Sugar, Salt, Feed and etc
2. Chemicals & Fertilizers: Carbon, Caustic Soda, Potash, Phosphates and etc
3. Petro-chemicals: Polymers, Granules, PVC Compound, Master Batches and etc
4. Minerals: Cement, Calcium Carbonate, Sand and etc

Note of Plastic Woven Sack:

1. Customization Service: Please kindly inform us the materials, width, length, thickness, size, printing colors and other special information of the product you need. We can customize for you.
2. We can manufacture a wide variety of resin PP packing sacks and packaging films as per your requests. If necessary, we can give you some advice for reference.
We welcome the opportunity to work with our clients and develop bespoke packaging solutions to satisfy their specific requirements. We are willing to provide advice on the most satisfactory and eco-friendly solutions. From design concepts and product samples to trial orders we are able to turn your ideas into p