We manufacture and supply a wide assortment leno/net sacks, featuring open weaved polypropylene fabrics finish.
Leno mesh is made from loosely woven polypropylene fabric. Our leno mesh sacks can not only be used for fruits, onions, cabsacke, corn and firewood, but for shrimp and shellfish as well. Draw tape at the top allows for the ease of closing. The holes allow the contents to breathe and get sufficient sunlight. The customer can see the product without opening the sack. Fruits as well as vegetables are packed with preservation by using our leno/net sacks. Different size sacks in various colors of fabric can be customized.

These PP leno sacks have a variety of configurations to meet the specific requirements of clients to a maximum limit. There are various kinds of leno/net sacks available for various products such as:
1. Leno/Net Sacks for Packing Onion:
Leno packing sacks offer a superior packaging alternative to other packing solutions. These mesh sacks are manufactured by the highest quality standards and have a high level of flexibility and efficiency and their carry capacity can reach over 50kg.
2. Leno Sacks for Packing Potato:
PP leno packing sacks helps in keeping products safe and fresh during long distance transportation. They have high re-usability and washability characteristics.
These leno mesh sacks can be used to carry heavy weight products, so they are used for the packing of potatoes.
3. Leno Sacks for Packing Vegetables:
Leno/net sacks for packing vegetables can keep the products safe and fresh. These mesh sacks are energy saving and cost saving. These sacks have high re-usability characteristics.

Advantages of Mesh Sack:

1. Flexible and Rigid: flexible in use and has high tensile and burst strength.
2. Light in Weight: help to reduce transportation cost and are easy to handle.
3. Zero Toxicity and Chemical Inertness: it does not transmit any odor to the packed content.
4. Product Visibility: Your can see the contents without opening the sack.
5. Low Cost: our net sacks are cheaper than other conventional sacks.
6. Moisture Resistant: Our mesh sack does not absorb moisture and thus keeps the contents fresh for a long period of time.
7. Anti Fungal: no fungal growth in the net sack.
8. Excellent Air Permeability.
9. Stable Performance.
10. Eco-friendly: our mesh sacks are made reusable and durable.